Guide/activity booklet

Wetlands Habitat Activity Booklet

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Waterbug poster

Use this poster to help students explore waterbugs – it has their sensitivity score.

It can be laminated (or similar) for reuse or printed and used as tick sheet for students.

You can use it to explore which areas the animals live in also! (Five habitats are marked on the poster).

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How to enter data guide

This will help you to enter data into the website once you have been to site to collect it!

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Barapa Barapa Field survey plant guide

Find out more about the plants in the Barapa Barapa region through pictures, descriptions and find out more about the plant’s uses.


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River Detectives Manual – North Central – **new version coming for all regions soon

Download the sections of the teachers manual to guide you through a range of topics relating to Catchment Health:


Introduction to River Detectives Manual; Water Science; Homely Habitats and Homely Habitats Diagram; Story of a River; Getting Froggy; Salt Watch Week; Stormwater; Macroinvertebrates (waterbugs); Making macroinvertebrates



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Action in the Catchment (Field Manual)

A guide to water quality testing and sampling – full of lots of information to  guide you!


Get your School Field Manual now!

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Games all about the river!

Find some game ideas to run with your class with bits and pieces ideas sheet!

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Stormwater education

Stormwater Manual – activities, information and worksheets

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Fresh and Salty Booklet

You might want to look at salinity at anytime of the year, but we have a close look at Salinity in May and invite you to as well. Look at the booklet below and even watch the ‘Fresh and Salty’ video too!

Booklet of Activities

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Macro Sweep Sample

How do I run a sweep sample for my students?


FInd out how to sweep sample now!

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City of Geelong- Stormwater Manual

Activities all about stormwater in Geelong!

Get your local stormwater manual now to guide your lessons in  the classroom.

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Exploring Estuaries Guide

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