Bird Quizzes

Your students will love exploring these three bird quizzes on Birdlife Australia’s Aussie Bird Count website;

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Bird-inspired fashion

If you were a bird, which one would you be ?  Why ?

Choose your favourite bird or the bird that represents you best due to it’s personality, appearance or behaviour.  Study its colours and find items with matching colours in your wardrobe to represent its colourful plumage and be a ‘bird’ for a day.

A great idea for National Bird Week in October or for good fun anytime.


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Discover Ducks

Did you know that Australia is home to 15 native duck species? Yet five in six Victorians can’t name a single one! The ‘Discover Ducks’ website wants to change this and build a nation of duck lovers who are passionate and knowledgeable about our native ducks.

Head to this website to; learn about iconic Victorian duck species, learn how to care for ducks, use the duck detector guide to go duck spotting, use the duck detector map to find out where ducks have been spotted or add your own sighting, challenge yourself to the ‘know your ducks quiz’ or complete a fun survey to discover which duck you are.

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Climate Change activity book and game

ADAPT Loddon Mallee have produced a Kids Climate Change Activity Book, including a climate change snakes and ladders game, for middle to upper primary school students filled with interactive puzzles and a story that follows Griffin the Growling Grass Frog on his mission to discover why the Loddon Mallee landscape is changing and his wetlands are drying up.

Many children are engaged with environmental issues including climate change, but often resources are nationally or globally based leaving people feeling powerless to take action. By keeping the story local and providing activities and choices the children can make at home, they may feel more positive about what they can do to make an impact.

If you are a school in the Loddon Mallee region and would like to register your school for free hard copies visit the ADAPT Loddon Mallee website.

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Melbourne Water education program

Find out what Melbourne Water does and how they care for catchments in the region.

Includes a myriad of education resources covering frogs, litter, stormwater, catchments, waterways and more.  Some are specific to the Melbourne area but many are relevant to all regions.

If you are in the Melbourne Water area you may also like to access support from the water corporation in your specific location using this map.  It will either be Yarra Valley WaterSouth East WaterCity West Water or Westernport Water.

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Drip Trip game

Join Drippy the raindrop on a journey across the urban water cycle, through your neighbourhood’s water pipes, sewers, drains and waterways as you head towards the bay.

Steer around obstacles and collect bubbles to reveal facts unique to your postcode. You can even build a bike trail or bust a fatberg by activating special effects that improve services to your area!

This Melbourne Water resource does focus on Melbourne’s urban area but will have some relevance to urban areas in any region.

Suitable for ages 12 and above.  Drip Trip can be played on smartphones, tablets and computers. It works best on newer operating systems and browsers like the latest versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox. You don’t need to download the game to play, but we do recommend a stable internet connection.

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ABC Catchment Detox online game

This is an online game where the player manages a virtual river catchment.  The aim is to create an environmentally happy catchment with a sustainable and thriving economy.

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Run of the river board game

The famous Waterwatch game Run of the River can be taken into the classroom very easily:

Download the Board

Read the Teacher Instructions

And find out How to play

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All about water bugs

Use these cards to;

  • print and assemble cards with picture and information back to back (laminated will increase their longevity) and use with the In Stream Habitat Poster to place bugs in their preferred habitat zone
  • print the pictures and information separately and match to each other.  Up the stakes and do this in a game of Concentration.
  • play celebrity head to ‘guess the bug’
  • sort the bugs into groups; herbivores/carnivores, legs/no legs, habitat zones, sensitive/tolerant.  How else could you classify them ?
  • print two sets (pictures only) and use for games of concentration, snap or fish to practise identification skills
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The Natural Water Cycle

Explore three interactive online games on South East Water’s website to learn about the natural water cycle, the urban water cycle and water sources.

To play, click ‘I’m a student’ – ‘play games and explore’ and then scroll down for all the links.


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Run of the River Game

This free App by the Murray Darling Basin Authority is educational and fun!

You have the following challenge: Water is scarce and needs to be shared around. You must deliver the bubbles of water from the river to the wetlands, farms and communities, whilst keeping the river mouth connected to the ocean. Control dam releases to quench the thirst of all your water consumers through the challenges of flood, drought, evaporation, seasonal changes….

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Brain bending time fillers

Engaging activities to stimulate minds and consolidate learning in those idle moments in your classroom schedule

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