Wetlands Habitat Activity Booklet

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Wimmera Catchment Management Authority Map

See the Wimmera Catchment with colour and clear outline of waterways and water bodies.


You can find a map of the Wimmera Catchment here – which is different to the CMA borders (a little confusing I know!).

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Map your River

Follow the Teachers Guide to support students carrying out the activity – Meandering Map.


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Junior Landcare

Find out:

– where your local Junior Landcare group is

– how to get Junior Landcare going in your school

– about activity ideas (linked to the Australian curriculum)

– what grants are available

– how to guides build worm farms, frog ponds, enhance habitats and more!

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Run of the river board game

The famous Waterwatch game Run of the River can be taken into the classroom very easily:

Download the Board

Read the Teacher Instructions

And find out How to play

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What is a catchment?

A catchment is the area of land from which rainfall flows to form a creek or river.  Catchments and waterways are interrelated – all things within a catchment impact on waterway health and the waterways can impact on the health of the catchment.


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Stormwater fact sheet

What is stormwater? Where does it come from, where does it go and what can we do to help protect our waterways?

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Habitats near a waterway – fact sheet

Find out about the different habitats near and in a waterway and why they are important.

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What is the riparian zone? – fact sheet

The riparian zone is any land that adjoins, directly influences, or is influenced by a body of water. Find out what the values, threats and management concerns are.

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Map of Melbourne’s Catchments

Explore the catchments of Melbourne!

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The Natural Water Cycle

Explore the Natural Water Cycle through South East Water’s interactive game


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Maps of the North Central Catchments

Find out what waterways, towns and geographical features are withing the catchments of north central Victoria;

Upper Loddon Map; Upper Campaspe Map; Upper Avoca River Map; Lower Loddon River Map; Lower Campaspe Map; Lower Avoca Map; Loddon West Map; Loddon East Map; Gunbower Map; Coliban Map; Avon Richardson Map

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Run of the River Game (Murray Darling Basin)

This game is educational and fun!

You have the following challenge: Water is scarce and needs to be shared around. You must deliver the bubbles of water from the river to the wetlands, farms and communities, whilst keeping the river mouth connected to the ocean. Control dam releases to quench the thirst of all your water consumers through the challenges of flood, drought, evaporation, seasonal changes….

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Stormwater education

Stormwater Manual – activities, information and worksheets

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Corangamite Catchment Map

See where Corangamite’s Catchments are… you might like to print this to put on your wall at school.


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Fresh and Salty Booklet

This booklet complements the Fresh and Salty video with teacher notes and lesson plans


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Frog Information from the Amphibian Research Centre

Find out all about the frogs and where you can find them, how to encourage them to your area and some rules around frogs too – Frog Info here!

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North Central CMA Region 3D map

Enjoy a birds-eye view of the North Central region to understand our topography, catchments and land uses.

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Fresh and Salty video

Fresh and Salty is a highly engaging short animated film produced by the Wimmera CMA.  It is the perfect way to introduce the topic of salinity to your students

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