Flora (plants)

Who is your local Landcare group?

Landcare represents thousands of people across Victoria, working together to increase biodiversity and promote the sustainable management of land.

Find out what your local group is doing and how your River Detectives program might be able to link up with them.

To find your local group visit Landcare – if you scroll down you can look by group name or further down by a map.


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Barapa Barapa Field survey plant guide

Find out more about the plants in the Barapa Barapa region through pictures, descriptions and find out more about the plant’s uses.


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Junior Landcare

Check out:

– where your local Junior Landcare group is

– how to get Landcare going in your school

– activity ideas (linked to the Australian curriculum)

– apply for grants

– how to guides for worm farms, frog ponds, enhancing habitats and more!

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What is the riparian zone? – fact sheet

The riparian zone is any land that adjoins, directly influences, or is influenced by a body of water. Find out what the values, threats and management concerns are.

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Woody Habitat Fact Sheet

Find out about what a woody habitat is, why it is there and what is being done to manage them.

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Is your school a Resource Smart School?

By being a part of River Detectives you should check your Biodiversity module to tick off some extra areas!

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North Central CMA Region 3D map

See the highs and lows of the North Central region and everything in between!

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