Water bugs

Exploring Surface Water Tension and Water Striders

This unit comprising of 6 lesson plans will develop student scientific inquiry skills while learning about water tension and how a water strider utilises water tension to survive.

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Mosquito Madness

The unit provides 5 lesson plans to allow students to understand the life cycle of mosquitoes, specifically their morphogenesis and the way the organism changes appearance throughout its lifetime. Other key topics include mosquito habitats, ecology and environmental impacts on the mosquito population.

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Waterbugs Higher Level Key

Use this key to identify bugs using the Agreed Level Taxonomy (ALT) method.

Some waterbugs are impossible to identify without a microscope, the best thing about ALT is that it uses features that are visible to the naked eye to identify macroinvertebrates.

For more info on ALT method, go to: thewaterbug.net

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Waterbug poster

Use this poster to help students explore waterbugs – it has their sensitivity score.

It can be laminated (or similar) for reuse or printed and used as tick sheet for students.

You can use it to explore which areas the animals live in also! (Five habitats are marked on the poster).

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Waterbug colouring sheets



Use Melbourne Water’s beautiful colouring images of waterbugs to add to your lessons.

A mix of waterbugs

Sensitive waterbugs

Mayfly life cycles

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Platypus colouring sheet

Use Melbourne Water’s beautiful image of the platypus as a mindful colouring activity.

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Exploring the world of waterbugs: How to run a waterbug session with kids

This video takes you through the key steps of how to sample and look for macroinvertebrates (waterbugs) with your kids! Priya makes it simple for you to take testing to your school.

Don’t forget to contact your local Catchment Management Authority to see if you can borrow some equipment to run the testing with your group.

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Bug outlines

Use these bug outlines to colour in, put in their correct habitat, get student’s to write facts about them or investigate them!

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How to make a bug dial

Make your own bug dial so that you can look at individual bugs and the way they move, their tolerance, where they live and special features.



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All about water bugs

Use this information and images about water bugs to put each of the water bugs into the correct habitat on the  in-stream-habitat-poster or play a game of snap!



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Macro Sweep Sample

How do I run a sweep sample for my students?


FInd out how to sweep sample now!

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Exploring Water Bugs

Find out all about the weird and wonderful details of all the water bugs with flip charts for each animal.

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