Traditional Owners Map

A Welcome to Country or an Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners recognises the continuing connection of Aboriginal Traditional Owners to their Country.

Victoria has a strong and proud Aboriginal history, and complex ownership and land stewardship systems stretching back many thousands of years.

This map allows you to find out who the formally recognised Traditional Owners are for an area.

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Wimmera Catchment Management Authority Map

See the Wimmera Catchment with colour and clear outline of waterways and water bodies.


You can find a map of the Wimmera Catchment here – which is different to the CMA borders (a little confusing I know!).

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Map of Melbourne’s Catchments

Explore the catchments of Melbourne!

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Maps of the North Central Catchments

Find out some more detail about your local area by looking at the below Catchment Maps:

Upper Loddon Map; Upper Campaspe Map; Upper Avoca River Map; Lower Loddon River Map; Lower Campaspe Map; Lower Avoca Map; Loddon West Map; Loddon East Map; Gunbower Map; Coliban Map; Avon Richardson Map

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Corangamite Catchment Map

See where Corangamite’s Catchments are… you might like to print this to put on your wall at school.


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North Central CMA Region 3D map

See the highs and lows of the North Central region and everything in between!

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