Wimmera Catchment Management Authority Map

See the Wimmera Catchment with colour and clear outline of waterways and water bodies.


You can find a map of the Wimmera Catchment here – which is different to the CMA borders (a little confusing I know!).

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Map of Melbourne’s Catchments

Explore the catchments of Melbourne!

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Maps of the North Central Catchments

Find out some more detail about your local area by looking at the below Catchment Maps:

Upper Loddon Map; Upper Campaspe Map; Upper Avoca River Map; Lower Loddon River Map; Lower Campaspe Map; Lower Avoca Map; Loddon West Map; Loddon East Map; Gunbower Map; Coliban Map; Avon Richardson Map

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Corangamite Catchment Map

See where Corangamite’s Catchments are… you might like to print this to put on your wall at school.


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North Central CMA Region 3D map

See the highs and lows of the North Central region and everything in between!

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