Urban Water

Stormwater fact sheet

What is stormwater? What happens to it and what can we do to help protect our waterways?

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The Natural Water Cycle

Explore the Natural Water Cycle through South East Water’s interactive information and game.


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River Detectives Manual – North Central – **new version coming for all regions soon

Download the sections of the teachers manual to guide you through a range of topics relating to Catchment Health:


Introduction to River Detectives Manual; Water Science; Homely Habitats and Homely Habitats Diagram; Story of a River; Getting Froggy; Salt Watch Week; Stormwater; Macroinvertebrates (waterbugs); Making macroinvertebrates



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Stormwater education

Stormwater Manual – activities, information and worksheets

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City of Geelong- Stormwater Manual

Activities all about stormwater in Geelong!

Get your local stormwater manual now to guide your lessons in  the classroom.

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