Urban Water

Bendigo Creek Citizen Science Project student presentation videos

In 2019 students of four primary schools along Bendigo Creek were asked to add their voice to the Reimagining Bendigo Creek project.

A collaborative project lead by the City of Greater Bendigo, this project marks the beginning of a process of renewal, understanding and connection over many generations, which aims to create a healthier, more inclusive, connected and beautiful Creek that we all respect and value.

After attending a workshop about the assets and threats of Bendigo Creek students were challenged to present their vision for a future Bendigo Creek and their innovative results were amazing !

View Huntly Primary School’s creative lego model presentation and Epsom Primary School’s engaging video as inspiration for your own student-led waterway championing project.

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Urban Stormwater brochure

This brochure produced by the Bendigo Urban Stormwater Program details the responsibilities of builders/renovators/land developers to manage runoff from building sites. Diagrams and captions clearly explain positive strategies to reduce impacts and demonstrate an example of a subdivision considering water-sensitive urban design.

This is a useful resource for any region.

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Urban Stormwater poster

This poster is a fantastic resource to use demonstrate the impact of litter that can flow into a waterway with urban stormwater.  It highlights the often unknown fact that only 10% of waterway litter is visible from the surface and a disturbing 90% will be hidden under the water.

The  Water Bug pictures could be placed on the poster to create discussion about how they (and other fauna) would be impacted by stormwater pollution and how this would impact on the entire food chain.

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Urban Stormwater Environmental Education Resource

The North Central CMA developed this package in 2002 and although it has links to the obsolete curriculum document CSF II, it is jam-packed with engaging cross-curricular activities to enhance student understanding of urban stormwater.  Primarily aimed at Year 5 and 6 students the lesson plans and activities are easily adaptable to lower primary and lower secondary.

Introductory content can be found by clicking the resource title above and lesson plans/activity sheets for each curriculum area can be accessed using the links here;

EnglishSOSEScienceMathsThe ArtsHPEExtras

Some lesson plans refer to photos on a CD.  A selection of these photos are available here.

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Melbourne Water website

Find out what Melbourne Water does and how they care for catchments in the region.

Includes a myriad of education resources covering frogs, litter, stormwater, catchments, waterways and more.  Some are specific to the Melbourne area but many are relevant to all regions.

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Imagine The Yarra

In February 2018 Melbourne Water brought together 24 passionate citizens, known as the Yarra River Community Assembly, to write a 50-year community vision for the Yarra.

Members of the assembly heard from experts, including Wurundjeri Elders and community, about the history of the Yarra and its cultural significance to the Traditional Owners.

The group used the stories gathered from the broader community to write a vision for each of the Yarra’s four reaches (upper rural, lower rural, suburban and inner-city) and an overarching vision for the whole river.

These visions will provide the building blocks for how the river and its land are used and managed in future, to ensure the Yarra remains a proud part of Victoria’s identity.

This link takes you to a video library to explore the project through the stories of all involved.

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Melbourne’s drinking water video

Learn why Melbourne’s water tastes great straight from the tap !

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Urban Water Cycle

People have changed the natural water cycle; buildings and pipes take water for drinking and remove sewage and stormwater. This is the urban water cycle, and in Melbourne is managed by Melbourne Water.

At this interactive map, water warriors explain the role of each aspect of the urban water cycle.

You can also use this link to check out a summary of the urban water cycle, learn about why Melbourne has some of the highest-quality drinking water in the world or find out why Greater Melbourne’s sewerage has provided Melburnians with world-class sanitation for over 100 years, protecting public health and the environment.

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Stony Creek Recovery Project

Learn about a multi-agency effort to recover the health of Stony Creek after the West Footscray warehouse fire on 30 August 2018.

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Enhancing Dandenong Creek

Melbourne Water’s ‘Enhancing Our Dandenong Creek’ project is taking an innovative approach to sewerage management and bringing the creek back to life.

Although Melbourne based, this is a great case study to show students how urban water can be managed effectively.

For more information go to Melbourne Water’s website

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Drip Trip game

Join Drippy the raindrop on a journey across the urban water cycle, through your neighbourhood’s water pipes, sewers, drains and waterways as you head towards the bay.

Steer around obstacles and collect bubbles to reveal facts unique to your postcode. You can even build a bike trail or bust a fatberg by activating special effects that improve services to your area!

This Melbourne Water resource does focus on Melbourne’s urban area but will have some relevance to urban areas in any region.

Suitable for ages 12 and above.  Drip Trip can be played on smartphones, tablets and computers. It works best on newer operating systems and browsers like the latest versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox. You don’t need to download the game to play, but we do recommend a stable internet connection.

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Waterway Hero activity sheet

Match pollutants with a strategy to avoid their impact to consolidate knowledge of stormwater pollution and its effect on waterways.  This resource from Melbourne Water has relevance for all regions but bear in mind that in some regions our litter may not make it to the ocean as stated here.

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Stormwater fact sheet

What is stormwater? Where does it come from, where does it go and what can we do to help protect our waterways?

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The Natural Water Cycle

Explore three interactive online games on South East Water’s website to learn about the natural water cycle, the urban water cycle and water sources.

To play, click ‘I’m a student’ – ‘play games and explore’ and then scroll down for all the links.


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Stormwater Education Manual

A comprehensive manual including teachers notes, lesson plans, activities, information and worksheets for upper primary and lower secondary students about urban stormwater sources, impacts and strategies.

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City of Geelong- Stormwater Manual

Activities all about stormwater in Geelong!

Get your local stormwater manual now to guide your lessons in  the classroom.

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