Waterbug ID sheet with larvae/adult comparison

This resource is an ‘oldie but a goodie’ – useful because it shows a comparison between the nymph/larvae and adult forms of stonefly, mayfly, dragonfly, damselfly and caddisfly.  Add it to your waterbug ID resources !

Of Dragons and Damsels articles

Wombat Forestcare have published two excellent articles over several editions showcasing dragonflies and damselflies with some great information and gorgeous images. Part 1 Dragonflies: March 2023 edition, pages 4-6 Part 2 Damselflies: June 2023 edition, pages 3-5

Deans Marsh PS Story

Deans Marsh PS is an active River Detectives school in the Corangamite CMA region embedding the program into the curriculum, into their school’s broader sustainability initiatives and connecting with their community.  Watch the video to hear their highlights or read the full story here !

Bridgewater PS Story

Bridgewater PS is a small school in the North Central CMA region achieving great things with their innovative Outdoor Classroom program where River Detectives takes a lead role.  Watch the video to hear their inspiring highlights or read the full story here  !

RiverScan Project River Health Snapshots

Gauge the health of waterways in the RiverScan project area using this compilation of water quality and water bug data collected by citizen-scientists. To view and compare the 2021 report click here.

Site Selection Checklist

When choosing your site along a waterway or at a wetland for citizen-science activities (water quality monitoring, waterbug sampling and habitat surveys) there are many things to consider.  Please refer to this checklist to assist you.