The Bendigo Creek Story

This film traces the history of the Bendigo creek to explore the savage environmental impact of mining on the local environment of the Bendigo goldfields.  Features fascinating images of an 1852 unique hand-written and hand-painted map of central Victoria.

Plan of the valley of Bendigo 1858

This map drawn by the District Surveyor, Richard Larritt in 1858 shows the alignment of the Bendigo Creek at the time between Kangaroo Flat and Huntly.  Goldmining had already taken a significant toll on the landscape by 1858 but this map from the State Library is possibly the best evidence (besides doing archaeological digs) of the original form of Bendigo […]

Victorian Water Corporations map

Although the role of water corporations is different to CMA’s (who manage urban water), there is a shared interest in water health/management and the two sectors collaborate regularly. Of great interest to the River Detectives program is the wonderful education services that these water corporations often offer with incursions, excursions, teaching resources and activity sheets for students of […]

North East CMA region map

The North East CMA region is one of ten CMA regions of Victoria.  This map shows the myriad of waterways that exist from the mountains to the Murray, the major towns and the dams that support them.

Environmental Water in Northern Victoria

Many of Victoria’s rivers and wetlands have been modified to provide water vital for farms, homes and industry.  Water for the environment also benefits communities by improving conditions for fishing, camping and canoeing. Improved water quality can have economic benefits for irrigation and urban water supply. This map shows how water for the environment will help improve […]

Traditional Owners of Australia – text version

This is a different take on standard maps showing the traditional owner areas across Australia with groups displayed as text rather than shaded colours.  It’s an extremely effective way of showing the diversity of Aboriginal cultures.

Victorian CMA regions

This map shows the Catchment Management Authority regions across Victoria.  In each region, CMA’s are responsible for the management of waterways.  Maybe you could research what the major waterways are in each region ?

Traditional Owners Map

Victoria has a strong and proud Aboriginal history, and complex ownership and land stewardship systems stretching back many thousands of years. This map allows you to find out who the formally recognised Traditional Owners are for an area.

Wimmera River Catchment map

This is a map depicting the catchment area of the Wimmera River. Part of the Wimmera Catchment Management Authority region, the area to the west of the Wimmera River, doesn’t actually flow into the Wimmera River.  The West Wimmera area is instead a series of wetland chains.