Pesticide Watch guide

During 2023 some regions will value add to their monthly water quality monitoring by participating in Pesticide Watch, a nation-wide program run by Deakin University helping communities identify pesticides in their local waterways through citizen-science. Find out more by reading this guide or join the Pesticide Watch Facebook Page.  A video of the testing process […]

Presentation Template

Teachers and students can edit this River Detectives slideshow template to present content, share findings, showcase photos or present projects internally in class, at school assemblies or information evenings OR externally for award nominations, forum presentations, etc. It can be used at in-person or shared on screen during online events.

Litter Trackers Program

RMIT’s Litter Trackers program offers services to schools and community groups to better understand the way litter is transported along our waterways.  Through GPS technology litter can be mapped to asses how and where it travels and highlight the issue of urban stormwater on our waterways and oceans. Check out the website to track litter, […]

Kayaking the sickest urban river in Australia video

Join Beau Miles as he kayaks 23kms along Cooks River in Sydney over 4 days reflecting on it’s interesting past, it’s disturbing present and it’s hopeful future.  An eye-opening journey about the plight of our littered urban waterways in modern society.  ** Language warning ** Be aware some language will not be appropriate for younger […]

Wildlife of Native Grasslands on Victoria’s Northern Plains

Victoria’s Northern Plains grasslands support unique yet highly endangered and severely fragmented communities of plants and animals.  Over the past 180 years, more than 99% of grasslands have been removed or substantially altered for agriculture.  Learn about the creatures that rely on this important habitat and the plants and vegetation that support them.  Head to […]

Saving the endangered Plains-wanderer bird

Critically endangered and at risk of imminent extinction, the North Central CMA is working in partnership with Trust for Nature and Australia’s National Recovery Team for the Plains-wanderer. Find out more about Plains-wanderers by viewing these videos about these quirky creatures; of using song meters to monitor populations, Werribee Zoo’s captive breeding program, incubating Plains-wanderer eggs and this gorgeous footage […]

Indigenous Plant Use booklet

This booklet describes the medicinal, nutritional and technological uses of native plants found widely across the eastern Kulin Nation.  The guide increases awareness of cultural plants although we suggest you seek advice from your local Traditional Owner group for specific information.  The guide will help you design and establish a cultural garden with plant labels […]

The Magnificent Six video

Six small-bodied native fish species, specialists of the wetlands across the southern Murray Darling Basin, are on the brink of extinction.  Learn about why and the things that are being done to save them in this video.  This colouring sheet also features the magnificent six species.