Wildlife of Native Grasslands on Victoria’s Northern Plains

Victoria’s Northern Plains grasslands support unique yet highly endangered and severely fragmented communities of plants and animals.  Over the past 180 years, more than 99% of grasslands have been removed or substantially altered for agriculture.  Learn about the creatures that rely on this important habitat and the plants and vegetation that support them.  Head to […]

Saving the endangered Plains-wanderer bird

Critically endangered and at risk of imminent extinction, the North Central CMA is working in partnership with Trust for Nature and Australia’s National Recovery Team for the Plains-wanderer. Find out more about Plains-wanderers by viewing these videos about these quirky creatures; of using song meters to monitor populations, Werribee Zoo’s captive breeding program, incubating Plains-wanderer eggs and this gorgeous footage […]

Underwater species colouring sheet

This colouring sheet features a variety of species that call our waterways home.  Importantly it shows some of our endangered small-bodied fish.  You can learn more about these fish in this video.

The Magnificent Six video

Six small-bodied native fish species, specialists of the wetlands across the southern Murray Darling Basin, are on the brink of extinction.  Learn about why and the things that are being done to save them in this video.  This colouring sheet also features the magnificent six species.

Insects of Central Victoria field guide

This is a user-friendly field guide featuring a selection of pollinating insects.  It showcases insects that are likely to be observed if you sit quietly for 10 minutes in your garden or nearby bushland.  For those in the Macedon Ranges, Bendigo, Mount Alexander and Hepburn shire areas, hard copies can be sourced from council offices.

A to Z Creature Feature poster

From the Alpine Spiny Crayfish to the Zebrafish, Parks Victoria’s A-Z poster will help students learn about some of Victoria’s weird and wonderful plants and animals.  For more information about the places where they are found head to the Parks Victoria website.

The Mysterious World of Eels video

This recording of an ARI seminar features Uncle Denis Rose and Dr Wayne Koster presenting on their partnership in eel migration research.  It shares the importance of eels (both culturally and ecologically) and what we’ve learned through satellite tracking. The video runs for 1hr and is suitable for older viewers as a rare chance to dive deeper […]

The impact of animal poo on our waterways

This article (and video) explains the impact animal poo has on our waterways and makes some interesting  comparisons between the impact of native animal poo and exotic animal poo.  The article is quite detailed but information can be extracted for younger students.  The video is short and simple.