Underwater species colouring sheet

This colouring sheet features a variety of species that call our waterways home.  Importantly it shows some of our endangered small-bodied fish.  You can learn more about these fish in this video.

Nature-scrolling activity

A nature scroll is simply a long, narrow piece of paper used to record your responses to nature, in words and pictures.  It can be a portable, bite-sized alternative to nature journalling and a wonderful way for your students to engage with their local environment or make observations whilst at your adopted water testing site.  Make […]

Water Cycle activity sheet

Students can use this activity sheet by our friends at Gippsland Water to fill in the gaps and name the water cycle processes then colour it in.

Easter Basket

While Easter is not an Aboriginal celebration, eggs were a big part of customary life and looking at how Aboriginal people used eggs is a great perspective for all age groups at Easter time. The protocols around egg gathering took into consideration the sustainability of the species producing them. Eggs were respected as a source […]

River Detectives Program School Plan

Use this School Plan to start a conversation with colleagues delivering the River Detectives program in your setting.  This is a great template to use at the start of the year with lots of useful questions to promote thinking and space to document the approach you plan to take. There is also a useful template […]

Nature Journalling activity

Be inspired by this video by central Victorian Trace Balla and start recording the things you see, hear, touch and smell at your local waterway or anywhere in nature.  Sit for a while and observe, notice the small things and hone into colours, sounds, textures, shapes and movement.  Sketch, note or photograph your discoveries.  Journal […]

Your hand as a catchment

Use this activity sheet to model a catchment with your hand; high points representing hills and wrinkles in your palm representing waterways.

Catchment Mind Map

Use this template or use your own method to brainstorm all of the elements that exist within your catchment from natural features such as ranges, waterways, plants and animals to human features such as roads, towns, industry and agriculture and to the ways we enjoy and use the catchment; camping, bike riding, kayaking, sport, etc. […]

Bird Call Bingo

Use this bingo sheet and play respective calls from the Victorian Fauna Field Guide App in random order to see who can match calls to the pictures best. Make your own bingo sheet of favourite birds in your local area.