Imagine The Yarra

In February 2018 Melbourne Water brought together 24 passionate citizens, known as the Yarra River Community Assembly, to write a 50-year community vision for the Yarra.

Members of the assembly heard from experts, including Wurundjeri Elders and community, about the history of the Yarra and its cultural significance to the Traditional Owners.

The group used the stories gathered from the broader community to write a vision for each of the Yarra’s four reaches (upper rural, lower rural, suburban and inner-city) and an overarching vision for the whole river.

These visions will provide the building blocks for how the river and its land are used and managed in future, to ensure the Yarra remains a proud part of Victoria’s identity.

This link takes you to a video library to explore the project through the stories of all involved.

Imagine The Yarra